Blog Rebooted

I dropped the ball big time with this production blog (as well as non-podcast production). I will do my best to make this a thing that get’s followed up on in the future. We have some exciting things that are being worked on at the moment:

Current Projects

  • Everything is Awesome
    My flagship show and project. It’s been such a great year (plus some) with this podcast and can’t wait for what the future brings.
  • That’s Entertainment Podcast Network
    Full disclosure: working with audio is so much easier than video, so that’s where a lot of my time has been with projects. From my own to offering advice to others, it’s been a part-time job. But, because of that, we’re able to finally officially start a podcast network. Launches May 1st, 2017
  • The Zombcast
    The Zombcast is back as an unofficial podcast for The Walking Dead. Steve Conroy from the Saturday Detention Podcast has come on as my co-host and it’s been great to sit around and talk about the show again. For the summer hiatus, we’re actually switching to a weekly format to cover Fear The Walking Dead and other topics, as well as to get us to episode 100 when season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres (with their 100th episode). I have a few neat ideas for our 100th episode that we’ll be sharing as we start planning it.
  • Flesheaters
    Ever since I left Tellest (read about that on my personal website,, I’ve been trying to get this novel going. I’m hoping to put a lot more energy into it next week and to have the first draft complete by the end of May—my dream goal is to have a final cover and be in editing by the end of June 2017 and published by Halloween 2017.

Future Projects

  • Unnamed Universe Book Series
    While Flesheaters will join 5 Hour Zombie in the CHSverse, ever since I left Tellest, I instantly wanted to be part of something like it—Tellest is a fun world that I very much enjoyed and will miss playing in dearly. I have some notes on the series I’ll be launching (hopefully I’ll have the first book ready for December 2017, but 2018 is more likely) and I’m very excited by it. Thankfully, Mike and I agreed upon some things on my exit and not too much of what I was going to write for Tellest was actually written (and to my knowledge won’t ever be written to feature length) and I fully intend on adapting parts of those stories for this new -verse I’m creating. I’m hoping to be able to start sharing more about that come this summer between this production blog and
  • Crude Humor Studios Podcasting Services
    I’ve been talking with enough podcasters now that I’m very interested in offering some services to help inch my way closer to becoming a professional in the entertainment industry. I’ve researched what other companies offer and charge and think we’ll be offering some very competitive rates.
  • Video Production
    This has been the hardest task to start—and I’m not even talking about films! We haven’t been able to get our act together to shoot skits yet. I’m hoping that post Wizard World (the comic-con that comes to Philadelphia in June), when both Mike and I have some reprieve, that we’ll be able to start filming monthly skits.
  • Unnamed Short
    When talking with Mike about one of our projects, I suggested we just modify it so we can do it as a short and just get our work out there. He then countered me by challenging me to write something new and set it in his garage. It was all the inspiration I needed. We have a story and a first draft, though that is likely going to change drastically. I’m very excited for this and would love to record it in 2017, but again, the earliest would be mid-June 2017 for us to start filming. I’m crossing my fingers to be able to!

There are plenty of other projects, but none that I would say are currently on the table. Until next time, stay classy Internet.


Production Blog

We’ve finally added our production blog! Why? Well, because we have some things to chat about in terms of production! It’s very exciting! In the next few weeks, you will see some promotional videos for That’s Entertainment start to creep up on the Internet (between our own sites, YouTube, and other sites)!

We’re also about to begin filming part 1 of our first webseries, The Batlog, and we’ll be sure to share some stories right here on our production blog.

Remember, most of our content will actually be posted on That’s Entertainment, but for behind the scenes type stuff, keep checking back here!