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What happens to The Bat when there's no crime left in his city?

Crude Humor Studios helped produce the Once Upon a... Anonymous Rock Opera by providing them with a website and other marketing services. The first season of this web-series was wonderfully done and a great love letter to the original show by ABC, Once Upon a Time. Click the above image to purchase tickets!

Everything is Awesome is the newest podcast produced by Crude Humor Studios and the flagship show of The hhwst.net Podcast Network!

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5 Hour Zombie was Crude Humor Studios first attempt at producing and directing their own content. It was an incredible fun shoot and a huge learning experience that they carry with them to this day.

Happy Hour has a long history with Crude Humor Studios. Longer than CHS itself, the podcast dates back to 2007 in one form or another and was the launching pad for other podcasts, The hhwst.net Podcast Network, and a key reason in forming Crude Humor Studios.

The most popular and most missed show of The hhwst.net Podcast network, The Zombcast was a show about AMC's, and the comic book it was based on (by Robert Kirkman), The Walking Dead. The guys would go on tangents about the zombie apocalypse, the show/comic, and pop culture in general.

Academic Nerds, the show that tried and never was. Morphed from SMonday Pod, a podcast about the Kevin Smith pocast network, The SModcast Network, the show turned into another pop culture / comic book podcast. Despite several attempts to bring the show to new heights, scheduling differences has put the show to rest for the time being.

Crude Humor Studios helped produce The Stabcast for about two and a half years by providing a co-host to the show. While produced by CHS, The Stabcast found it's voice in the live stream world, primarily using Stickam as it's streaming service. Known as "The Steel Tip Era", The Stabcast hit many milestones during that time frame and has continued to evolve since Crude Humor Studios exit.